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First Appointment

At the first appointment the following are generally included:

  • Limited or comprehensive consultation
  • The necessary x-rays, which may be limited to a specific area or of the entire mouth
  • If required, impressions may be made, which will become stone study models of your mouth for diagnostic purposes

These items are charged at the first appointment.

If the above diagnostic information has been made within the prior 12 months and the reason for your consultation is for a second opinion, please bring these with you.

After the initial appointment, a treatment plan is devised and an estimate is created. These will be mailed to you. At the second consultation appointment the treatment plan and estimate are discussed along with all the diagnostic information collected at the first appointment.

It may be necessary, if a surgeon is to be used, to have a conjoint consultation. In my experience, this is extremely helpful for you, the patient.

In certain situations other consultation appointments are required, especially with complex treatments.