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What Can Happen if a Large Filling is Not Covered By a Dental Crown?

Posted on 2/15/2018 by Dr. Castellon
Dental Filling Dallas Prosthodontics TX 75254If a large filling is not covered by a dental crown then you may find that the large filling is not going to sit inside the tooth very well.

A large filling can not only make the tooth feel better since the large hole that was once there is now filled, but when the filling is not protected when it takes up a decent amount of the tooth space then it is going to fall out.

Problems with Large Fillings

Sometimes when fillings are too large in the tooth this can cause a problem. Some dentists will not fill decaying teeth that need a filling this large for many reasons.

Some of them will request that the person has a root canal done on the tooth to ensure that the problem is handled, but it is handled through a different means since the filling might not take to the tooth and it can cause further problems.

Large fillings that are not covered with a crown or fitted perfectly into the tooth can fill out. This will leave the tooth open for decay to set in. Not only that, but since there is nothing filling the inside of the tooth, the tooth can break down and fall apart. This is not a good thing since it brings along a lot of pain inside the tooth and jaw area.

Large fillings are sometimes required, they can work, but they have to be done correctly in order to save the tooth and to make sure that the filling doesn't fall right out.

If you need a rather large filling, have a filling that fell out or have questions regarding large fillings, call our dental office today. We can provide you with more information regarding the filling you are in need of and what we can do to help. You shouldn't be in dental pain if you do not have to be.

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