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Drs. Castellon and Buskin are offering this educational blog as a resource to our patients and the community. We hope that this blog will cover subjects that you and your family may be interested in.

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Can Dentures Be Adjusted
Posted on 9/15/2018 by Dr. Castellon
When you get new dentures, there is usually a period of slight discomfort and getting used to them, which can last for a few weeks. After this, everything becomes normal, and you can pretty much do everything you used to do when you had your teeth. However, over time, your gums start shrinking, and since the dentures are fitted on the gums, the shrinking leads to a misfit or loose dentures. Dentures are also affected by wear and tear, which can cause them not to fit perfectly. On top of that, there is the possibility of the dentures not fitting right from the start, something that can cause discomfort, pain, and swelling. When any of these situations occur, it is important to get a denture adjustment to ensure a perfect fit. What Are Denture Adjustments?Denture adjustment is the process of making alterations to the prosthetic denture plates. The alterations are made to guarantee a perfect fit of the dentures, and consequently, their proper functioning. Denture adjustments are usually made a few times after getting new dentures, or over the time when the structure of the dentures or your mouth changes. Importance of Denture Adjustments?Adjusting dentures help to ensure that they fit perfectly on your oral tissue, which helps to alleviate discomfort. It also ensures that there is no excessive pressure being placed on the gums – something that could cause pain and swelling. Lastly, the perfectly fitting dentures will allow you to fully enjoy activities such as speaking, eating, and laughing. Are You in Need of Denture Adjustments? Call Us!Ill-fitting dentures are uncomfortable to wear and use, and if they are not adjusted, they can lead to further complications in your gums and the jawbone. Therefore, if you are experiencing any problems with the fitting of your dentures, you should call us immediately. With just a few adjustments, we will have you smiling again....


Advances In Prosthodontics - January 2018

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