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Loose Dentures: What are my options?

Loose Dentures: What are my options?

Edentulism, a term that describes the complete absence of natural teeth, is a condition that affects roughly 10% of American adults. Studies also indicate that are many as 70% of American adults are missing one or more natural teeth, a condition known as partially edentulous.

In many cases, the decision to pull the teeth may have been motivated by gum disease, cavities, or financial limitations. Although pulling the teeth may resolve the immediate consequences of dental disease, the choice can also present a new set of challenges.

While dentures are a widely accepted solution for the replacement of missing teeth, you may be faced with the progressive deterioration of the jawbone which can affect the way that your denture can perform.

To overcome this new challenge, your prosthodontist may suggest implant dentures. If you currently wear dentures, you may have already encountered the shrinkage and bone loss that comes with being edentulous. As the bone dissolves, even the best custom-fitted denture can become loose. This change is to be expected, and can typically be addressed with a denture adjustment or reline.

If the fit of the denture has changed significantly, a new denture may be designed for a better fit. However, if excessive bone loss has occurred, you may be unable to tolerate a traditional denture. Instead, your prosthodontist may need to anchor your denture directly to the underlying bone for added stability.

By turning to dental implants for support rather than denture pastes, you can be sure that the fit of denture remains constant for long-term success.

That’s because the dental implant posts function similar to the roots of the natural teeth by stimulating the bone and preventing further shrinkage.

Without adequate bone support, there are limits to the success of your traditional denture. Instead of enduring life with loose or poorly fitting teeth, talk with our skilled and dedicated team about the possibility of implant dentures.

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