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New Technology

There are so many new, exciting and amazing aspects of restorative and cosmetic dentistry available to the dental profession today, as well as many more approaching on the horizon. We have just barely begun to scratch the surface of what is both possible and available to help us maintain our beautiful smiles and functional dentitions for a lifetime.

In the pursuit of excellence, our practice is always adapting to these new technologies offering our patients the latest and most recent techniques as well as equipment and dental materials. This assures our dental community the best care possible.

Some of these amazing improvements in our practice are:

  • Dental Implants: Enabling us not only to replace the crown of a missing tooth, but the root also. For one, several or all missing teeth. This is not a new innovation but improvements are being made by the day.
  • Digital Impression Making – ITero: This a 3D CAD-CAM impression technique, allowing a more comfortable and faster appointment as well as eliminating gagging and messy impression materials. This also eliminated multiple impressions if the first is not acceptable.
  • Touch and Digital Scanners (Procera): 3D CAD-CAM titanium and zirconia custom abutments as well as titanium bars for support of fixed or removable implant prostheses.
  • Digital X-Ray Technology: Taking a radiograph with this technology is now fast, simple and much more effective. Also the amount of radiation is much less than the conventional technique.
  • Teeth-in-a-day Techniques: allowing for providing a patient who has no teeth at all, a complete set of fixed or removable permanent teeth. (individual results may vary)
  • DNA Bacterial Detection: If gum disease continues to affect, help is on its way. A simple blood test can identify the pathogenic bacteria causing the problem and treat it more effectively.

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View of the temporary prosthesis. At this point, doctor and patient will discuss the esthetic appearance of the final prosthesis, color, and shape of the teeth as well as position. Also, the temporary prosthesis help stabilized the bite, ensuring a successful outcome.

Cosmetic Dentist Dallas


The final prosthesis in full smile display. This patient can chew, talk, smile and function as if she never lost her teeth. The replacement of natural teeth with implant supported teeth returns the patient to a more stable situation.

New Technology – Removable
Some of the amazing improvements in removable new technology include:

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Digital Impression of Upper Jaw

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Initial Upper

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