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Three Types of Procedures That Prosthodontists Perform

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Dr. Castellon
Three Types of Procedures That Prosthodontists PerformProsthodontists are dental professionals who have specific training in using dental prosthetics to replace missing teeth and restore oral functions and capacities to their finest state. Since our teeth play very important roles in our oral wellbeing, and ultimately our general wellbeing, prosthodontists go beyond general dentists to ensure that our teeth keep up their roles.

What Are Three Main Procedures That Prosthodontists Perform?

Prosthodontists spend an extra set of years after receiving their general dentistry degree to specialize in prosthodontics. Prosthodontics in itself has many facets, but the three main procedures that prosthodontists perform are; tooth restoration, tooth replacement, dental implants.

Tooth Restoration

Prosthodontists carry out tooth restoration procedures for patients who have issues with their teeth. These issues may be cracks, fractures, or even stains. Sometimes, these teeth may have suffered damages from bacteria, plaque, or worn from medical conditions. With prostheses such as fillings, dental crowns, and veneers, our prosthodontists restore these teeth without having to replace them.

Tooth Replacement

With tooth replacements, our professionals use prosthetics to substitute for teeth that are missing. Oftentimes, patients have teeth that are bad beyond salvaging, requiring extractions to avoid further complications. The empty spaces left usually make eating and talking difficult for the patient, so a replacement is the best alternative. With dentures, prosthodontists can replace a section or an entire row of teeth. Fixed bridges are also great for replacing one or more teeth in the same space.

Dental Implants

While this is also a tooth replacement procedure, it offers much more advantages than other replacement options. While dental implants only replace one tooth root per post, their ability to preserve the jawbone density is vital. With dental implants, you can decide to replace one tooth or as many missing teeth as possible.

While prosthodontists cater to these smile and oral improvement procedures, we are also trained to provide more complicated procedures such as bone grafts, and temporomandibular disorder treatments. Please reach out to us today to speak to our prosthodontists for more information.

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