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4 Signs You May Need Prosthodontic Treatment

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Dr. Castellon
4 Signs You May Need Prosthodontic TreatmentDo you have trouble chewing or biting down? Are your teeth more sensitive? Do you find that your teeth are starting to look different than they used to? If so, you may need prosthodontic treatment. This blog post will provide information on a few signs that indicate you may need prosthodontic treatment. Read on to know the vital signs:

Missing Tooth

If you have a missing tooth, it is crucial to replace them as soon as possible. Not only will this improve your ability to chew and speak, but it will also help to maintain the shape of your face. Due to missing teeth, the remaining teeth tend to shift out of place. Prosthetics such as dentures and bridges can help restore your teeth' function and appearance.

Teeth Sensitive to Hot or Cold Foods

If you observe that your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold foods, this may indicate that you have damaged your tooth enamel. Enamel is the hard layer of your teeth that protects them from decay. It can leave your teeth vulnerable to sensitivity and other problems when damaged. Treatment options for sensitive teeth include bonding, veneers, and crowns.

Change in Tooth Color or Shape

If your teeth change color or shape, this may be a sign of tooth decay or other damage. Prosthodontic treatment can help to restore the appearance of your teeth.

Teeth Alignment Issues

If your teeth are not correctly aligned, it can cause problems with chewing and speaking. Also, misaligned teeth can be more challenging to clean, leading to decay and other dental problems. Prosthodontic treatment can help to align your teeth and improve your oral health. Treatment options for misaligned teeth include braces, retainers, and aligners.

As you see, a prosthodontist can fix several teeth-related problems. So, if you have any problems mentioned above, do not hesitate to visit our prosthodontist. Schedule an appointment today!

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