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Attachment Devices in Prosthodontic

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Dr. Castellon
Attachment Devices in ProsthodonticDental specialists deal with different patients with compromised teeth. Others are asking for cost-effective mouth rehabilitation. The prosthetic specialist recommends the use of denture treatment that is affordable to many patients. There are many attachment devices in prosthodontic care. They can restore the implant-supported overdenture. Different attachment systems are based on some factors that involve patient demand, durability, technical simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and retention. Making the proper selection of types of attachment devices is essential.

Types of Attachment Devices in Prosthodontic

There are different types of attachment devices you will find in prosthodontic care. Some have varying designs, and others are commonly used.

Rigid no Resilient Attachment

No movement is seen in this attachment between the implant and abutment. The attachment is as well recommended when there is the availability of sufficient implants. The system is very rigid and does not offer relief to support implants.

Restricted Vertical Resilient

This attachment will not let any rotary movements and lateral tipping. Great support is experienced from using this system for support of relief to the implants supporting. You require to allow the attachment of vertical movements as well.

Combination Resilient

The type of attachment device enables all unrestricted hinges and vertical movements. There is also the provision of load relief to the supporting implants through the transfer of masticatory forces toward the residual ridges.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Attachment Device in Prosthodontic

To provide successful treatment, the qualified dentist should have the right knowledge of different available attachment devices. Also, it is important to know their use and how they can benefit patients' needs. The right diagnosis will determine the attachment selection. For successful results, there is a need to consider some other factors like inter arch space and bone type.

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