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How Do You Tell That Dentures Need Relining

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Dr. Castellon
How Do You Tell That Dentures Need ReliningAfter you have had dentures for some time, it may feel pretty comfortable to remove and put them in. That is good because they are doing their job and you have no trouble wearing them or removing them. However, there are times when you might need them to be relined. Here we provide information about denture relining and when it is required.


If you are wondering what dentures are, they are prosthetic devices that fill the gaps left by the teeth you lose. To wear them, you should have lost your teeth and are looking for a solution to seal the gap and improve your bite function. Often, you lose teeth from injuries or accidents. Gum disease and decay are also a culprit for losing teeth. Dentures are constructed of composite, plastic, and porcelain. They are strong and long-lasting. Nonetheless, these prosthetic devices can have issues of fitting in the mouth. This may arise if the gums have shrunk overtime or the underlying bone loses density. Diseases may also make the gums shrink.

When Dentures Need Relining

There are a number of things you should look for in order to determine if your dentures require relining. By relining, it means placing material on the prosthetic devices to allow them to fit easier and more comfortably. After relining, the dentures are able to hug your gums snugly.

When you see that the gums are irritating and are turning darker pink or red compared to other times, it could mean that you should bring your prostheses for relining. Also, if you notice that your gums are having sores and the dentures are painful to wear, it could mean the need for relining. Mouth ulcers occur because the dentures rub up against the gums rather than fitting against them snugly. Sometimes, a different color of the gums other than pink could mean a fungal infection. Therefore, you should come to our dental office for a checkup. After relining your dentures, you are able to feel much better while chewing with them. Visit us today to get more information about dentures and learn when you should have them relined. Schedule an appointment now.

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