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How safe is premedication before a dental procedure?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Dr. Castellon
African American couple smiling together after trip to Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TXAntibiotic prophylaxis is the administration of medications before dental procedures to alleviate pain, complications, or anxiety during the procedure. This helps to improve the patient's safety and comfort for success. Here are some important reasons why premedication is needed.

Anxiety reduction

Consider a patient who experiences panic attacks. This patient will need some sedation to help him relax during dental procedures like the placement of dental implants. The orthodontist is supposed to know the patient's history with panic attacks, this is done during the very first visit's examination and questioning. Premedication, therefore, helps the patient to feel more relaxed.


Depending on the complexity and the time needed for the dental procedure, the patient might need some sedation. It can be deep sedation or general anesthesia. Deep sedation needs close monitoring and can be risky.

Who needs premedication

Anyone is prone to anxiety attacks. Surgery rooms can be scary when it comes to the tools used during the procedures. Also, patients with underlying systemic conditions need premedication. For instance, a patient with Infective endocarditis (IE) will need antibiotic prophylaxis. This will lower the chances of developing the infection. Our healthcare providers offer premedication to people depending on their conditions.

Procedures that require premedication

Bacteria can access your body through the gum tissue and the bloodstream. Patients with a weak immune system needs the extra protection. That is offered by antibiotics. This is done for any condition that exposes the patient to bacteria-induced infections. Dental professionals make this consideration after accessing the risk of infection.

With this information, you can conclude that premedication is important before dental procedures. Please contact our offices to determine if you need premedication. Call us today to book an appointment.

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