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Precision and Accuracy in Prosthodontic Procedures

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Man in dental chair smiling after getting teeth replaced at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TXProsthodontics involves replacing missing or damaged teeth and oral tissues with biocompatible substitutes that restore form and function. The longevity and success of prosthodontic restorations depend significantly on the precision and accuracy achieved when fabricating and placing them. But what do these terms mean, and why are they vital?

Defining Precision and Accuracy

Precision refers to the exactness and fine detail of the anatomy and contours of the prosthesis. It influences the ability to replicate how it stimulates natural appearance and movement. Accuracy denotes correctly positioning the prosthetic relative to surrounding structures. This ensures the right fit and optimal interaction with the remaining teeth.

Precision Through Digital Technology

Your prosthodontist captures highly precise anatomical and positional data using advanced 3D intraoral scanning. Sophisticated CAD software then engineers a virtual design mimicking natural dentition. Precision milling translates this into an exceptionally detailed interim prosthesis for try-in. Your feedback is used to refine precision before the final digital fabrication.

Achieving Accuracy Through Try-ins

Verifying accuracy involves test-driving the interim prosthesis inside your mouth. Your prosthodontist evaluates the contacts, contours, and occlusion to ensure comfortable, seamless functioning. Your input on subtleties of fit, shape, and color also gets incorporated to fine-tune the accuracy. All this confirmation occurs before the final prosthesis delivery, achieving exceptional accuracy.

Partnering With the Dental Lab

Skilled technicians leverage prosthodontic prescribing science with artistic mastery to handcraft one-of-a-kind restorations. The detailed impressions and margin markings given by the dentist guide the craftsmanship of the dental laboratory. Custom characterization further enhances realism. This dentist-technician collaboration creates prostheses with unparalleled precision, accuracy, and artistry.

Optimizing Clinical Success

Every step of diagnostic assessment, treatment planning, interim, and final prosthesis try-in focuses on optimizing precision and accuracy. This rigorous verification at multiple stages perfects prosthetic quality. Such attention to detail translates clinically as comfortable, seamless functioning and exceptional longevity. It allows you to enjoy your beautiful new smile with complete confidence.

Transform Your Smile

Innovative technologies and meticulous methods enable prosthodontists to deliver restorations with exceptional precision and accuracy. This assures long-lasting flawless function and beauty for renewed oral wellness. Contact us to regain your best smile!

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