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Are Dentures Considered Medically Necessary?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Older woman smiling with dentures after making appointment at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TXMedical insurance rarely covers some dental procedures, especially those not considered medically necessary. Dental care is considered medically necessary when its purpose is to control or eliminate infection, disease, and pain. It is also medically necessary if it is done to restore speech function, chewing, swallowing, and facial disfiguration.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are oral appliances that your dentist uses to replace missing teeth, either on the upper or lower jaw or both. Many people now prefer dentures because they are a less invasive dental procedure and less expensive.

Dentures are considered medically necessary, and insurance can cover the cost of getting such dentures only under certain conditions. For instance, dentures are medically necessary when a patient has extensive tooth loss instigated by gum disease or tooth decay. Such a person medically deserves dentures because they eventually lose their ability to speak, chew, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dentures for such patients are an indirect way of restoring these normal aspects of life, such as speaking and chewing, hence the medical necessity of dentures.

When Dentures Are Not a Medical Necessity

Dentures fall under the category of restorative dental procedures. Your dentist will suggest you get dentures when you have lost about two to three teeth in a single row. However, losing two to three teeth will not impair your chewing, speaking, or ability to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, you will get dentures to restore your smile and for other purposes considered as generally aesthetic. Under such circumstances, as a patient, you will cover the entire cost of getting those dentures because you are not getting them for medical reasons.

Closing Remarks

Most dental procedures are considerably necessary for an individual. You should always see your dentist regularly for checkups, fillings, extractions, and any other dental procedure your dentist considers necessary to restore your dental health. Dentures are one of the dental procedures that replace missing teeth to give you back your ability to speak, chew, and maintain perfect oral hygiene. If you need to know whether your insurer will cover your dentures, call us today and find out.

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