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Case Study: Maxillary Full Arch Removable Implant-Supported Reconstruction

Posted on (not posted yet) by Dr. Castellon
image of full arch implant case study
Patient Jane (not her real name) was referred to us by another dental professional in the area who was busy with their patient load, and Jane's needs were more complex than they wanted to manage. We met with Jane at her initial consultation, then had a follow-up visit to review our initial treatment recommendations.

Jane's Situation

Jane had dry mouth and severe adult periodontitis. She was aware of her condition and wanted to eliminate the "patch-up" dental work she had received. She was not proud of her smile and felt embarrassed about the condition of her teeth. The current removable partial denture was not stable or aesthetically pleasing and she could not function comfortably. he also had a severe lack of maxillary lip support and, due to excessive bone loss, she had excessive interocclusal space.

Prosthodontic Treatment Plan

As prosthodontists, we have experience planning multi-stage treatment plans over several months, sometimes years. The diagnoses were maxillary and mandibular partial edentulism with periodontitis. Her treatment included:

•  eliminating disease by removing the remaining failing teeth
•  replacing all of her teeth with a maxillary implant retained bar and locator overdenture
•  a mandibular locator overdenture

A set of immediate maxillary and mandibular complete dentures were fabricated a delivered on the day of surgery. Multiple visits were needed during the healing phase to apply soft tissue liners and counseling on proper maintenance. Once the implants had integrated, we delivered a primary bar with 5 locator attachments, an overdenture, and a two-implant locator overdenture.

The Results

She was very satisfied with the result since we were able to replace all of her teeth, give her lip support, a stable highly functional and esthetic prostheses. She understands that the Removable Implant-Supported Restoration requires specific hygienic care and maintenance. We sent her back to the referring doctor's office for regular hygiene visits, noting in her situation t o come to our office for an annual exam and maintenance of the removable prostheses.

Do you have a patient in Jane's situation? Or another complex case?

If you have any questions or would like to work together on a case, give our office a call at (972) 503-7200 or email us at We will take great care of the patient and keep you informed. Dental professionals refer to us as The Complex Case Specialists™ because we perform complex cases every day.

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