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What to Do if Your Dentures Crack

Posted on 12/25/2017 by Dr. Castellon
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Dentures are an important piece of orthodontics for those who wear them. They are the substitute for the lost set of teeth and also the securing force that ensures that the remaining natural teeth be strong.

However, those dentures that are not fit for the shape of your mouth can move and slip, making their deterioration rate faster than normal. Usually, you can expect a denture to last a good 8 years before needing one, but that is taking into account good dental hygiene, health and routines. Proper brushing of teeth and stopping oneself from moving the dentures too much will certainly help as well.

What Can Make Dentures Crack? How Can I Avoid It?

There are quite a lot of reasons as to why those sturdy dentures may crack. There might have been an accident where it fell to the ground when you were cleaning it. Then, usual wear and tear also comes into mind.

Improper handling could also be a factor, like frequently taking it on and off without a good reason, acidic and the changing temperature of food in the mouth can also wear it down. Also, our jaws change ever so slightly over time and this can contribute to the faster degradation of your dentures.

For Those Who Already Have a Cracked Denture, It is Not the End of the World

There are over the counter denture repair kits in most pharmacies and drug stores. However, it is highly recommended to do this as a last resort, since doing so may compromise the structure of the dentures.

Dentures take time, and by repairing your denture by yourself is like putting a Band-Aid on a burn; it may help the pain a little, but the source of the pain will still be there.

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