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Loose Dental Bridges Need Treatment Before They Cause Damage

Posted on 11/15/2018 by Dr. Castellon
Loose Bridges Need Treatment Before They Cause DamageThe biggest danger that people face with their oral health is ignoring the signs of a problem. In most cases, people notice something is not right, but they hope that the symptoms will go away without doing anything about it.

Unfortunately, when you ignore the symptoms of a problem with your oral health, it usually only gets worse. It may take time, but the symptoms will come back again.

If you have a dental bridge, you may not think that it is a problem if it is a little loose. It is not a good idea. Instead, you need to do something about it before there is a bigger problem.

What Happens with a Loose Bridge

A bridge is a partial denture. It can replace teeth that were lost or damaged. The bridge uses surrounding teeth for support. The bridge does several things. It helps keep the other teeth from moving. It also allows a person to chew normally. It is important for the bridge to remain secure when it is in place.

If the bridge is loose, several things can happen. The bridge can damage the surrounding teeth and the gums. The bridge itself can suffer damage. If there are gaps, bacteria can grow and can lead to gum disease. Like most dental problems, a loose bridge will not fix itself. It will only get worse and lead to more problems.

Symptoms of a Loose Bridge

If the best way to deal with a loose bridge is to get treatment, how do you know when a bridge is loose. There are 5 symptoms to watch for when you wear a bridge.

•  Moving when touched
•  Sensitivity around the bridge and surrounding teeth and gums
•  Problems with bite
•  Discomfort
•  Bad taste in the mouth

It is never a good thing to ignore the symptoms that you have a loose bridge. It is also easier to fix the problem if caught early. Take the time to contact our offices to schedule an appointment today for this or any other dental issue you want to know more about.

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