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Common Denture Mistakes You May Be Making

Posted on 12/30/2018 by Dr. Castellon
Common Denture Mistakes You May Be MakingGetting dentures will make your life much easier once you get used to wearing them. Still, during the initial adjustment phase, you may find yourself making some mistakes. Here are some common mistakes we often see patients make with dentures. By avoiding them, you'll put yourself ahead of the curve.

Neglecting Oral Hygiene

You might think that, because you no longer have your natural teeth, you don't need to engage in regular oral hygiene any longer. This is simply not true. Caring for your dentures requires a daily commitment and a routine that is not too different from what you used to care for your natural teeth.

Every night, you will need to soak your dentures in a special solution before cleaning them with a denture toothbrush. Following that, you will rinse them, and then store them in a denture solution to keep them soft and pliable.

Avoiding the Dentist

Likewise, just because you may not have your teeth any longer, does not mean that you don't need to visit us. We still need to see you on a regular basis. We can inspect your gums and palate for potential warning signs of declining oral health. What's more, we will need to look over your dentures to make sure that they still fit properly and operate correctly. So come see us—we're always happy to see you!

Not Being Careful with Your Dentures

Although your dentures are intended for chewing, and are thus constructed out of sturdy material, they do need to handled with care. When you get ready to remove them, make sure you lay down something soft like a towel. That way, if you drop them, they won't break.

Also, when you brush them, you should not use traditional toothpaste. This can cause tiny scratches on the surface, providing bacteria with hiding places where they can grow and thrive. Finally, if you have any questions about caring for your dentures, please call us!

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