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How Large Can a Partial Be?

Posted on 1/30/2019 by Dr. Castellon
How Large Can a Partial Be?Having a partial can be daunting because it means you have teeth that can be removed from the mouth. However, a partial can also benefit the patient since it gives them a sense of security back. It boosts self-confidence and allows them to eat with ease.

Many patients worry that they are missing too many teeth to qualify for a partial. Some patients that are missing too many might have to go with another denture option. This brings up a lot of questions. How large is too large for a partial?

The Rules of Partials and Using Them

When a person has one or more teeth remaining in their mouth, they are able to get a partial denture or bridge to replace those other teeth that are no longer there. This means that a partial can cover the span of teeth across the top or bottom of the mouth as long as there is just one tooth left there. While full dentures provide a full bridge when all teeth are missing, a partial is meant to cover those areas where teeth might not be present.

Partials have no limit to the number of teeth that they can replace. However, when all of the teeth are missing, full bridge dentures are needed. The partial can be used either on the top or the bottom of the mouth, or sometimes the patient may need to use both. Our professionals can provide more information based on your unique situation.

Speak with our office today to find out how we can provide you with even more information regarding a partial. Everyone should have a smile they feel confident about and we make sure that we provide just that. Call us today to schedule a consult or to learn more about the partials and other services we provide to our patients.

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