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Signs Your Dentures Are No Longer Fitting as Tightly as They Should

Posted on 2/15/2019 by Dr. Castellon
Signs Your Dentures Are No Longer Fitting as Tightly as They ShouldWhen you first get your new dentures, you will notice that they fit against your gum tissue tightly and snugly. This is necessary to ensure that the dentures operate the way they are intended.

However, as time passes, your dentures may start to become loose. This is due to a number of factors, such as the wear and tear of daily use, the passage of time, and even changes in the shape of your gum tissue.

Regardless of the cause, loose dentures can cause problems. So, here are a few things you can look out for to indicate that your dentures no longer fit the way they should.

Slippage in the Dentures

One of the most obvious signs that your dentures are not as tight as they should be is a noticeable slippage of the dentures. If you find that they are sliding when you are chewing food, you should come see us right away so we can inspect both your gum tissue and your dentures. The sooner you do this, be better off you'll be—we want to address the issue before you develop other issues such as sores on your gums.

Wayward Food Particles
Another sign that your dentures may be slipping around is the presence of food particles underneath the dentures. For a number of reasons, you do not want to deal with minute pieces of food slipping under the dentures, and this is something that should be addressed right away.

Other issues could be pain in your gums when you wear the dentures. We are not referencing the initial soreness you will have when you first begin using your dentures; rather, we are referring to pain that develops down the road, after you have become accustomed to using them.

If you have questions about your dentures, we are always here to help out. So pick up the phone and give us a call.

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