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Signs a Dental Implant is the Best Option for Your Mouth

Posted on 3/10/2019 by Dr. Castellon
Signs a Dental Implant is the Best Option for Your MouthDental implants are small titanium posts embedded into your jawbone so teeth can be mounted on it. These have many benefits, making them a great option for many people today.

Dental Implants Allow you to Maintain Your Facial Appearance

Your face will start to look like it's sunken in when you lose any of the teeth in your mouth. This can make you feel self-conscious and affect you psychologically. However, when you get dental implants, you're able to preserve your facial structure so you look more youthful.

Dental Implants Hold Your Teeth in Place

Gaps are left between your teeth when you lose a tooth. This causes them to start shifting. Herein lies the main reason why your appearance becomes altered. It's something that won't happen when you have dental implants because they'll hold your teeth in their proper place.

Dental Implants Preserve Your Jawbone

Once again, you should be concerned about your jawbone. Not only because your appearance may change, but also because it can become decayed and diminished. Fortunately, this is something that won't happen when you have a dental implant because this will keep your tooth's root and bone healthy.

Dental Implants are Better Than Dentures and Bridges

Dental implants are superior to both dentures and bridges. This is because dentures can feel uncomfortable as they slip around when you speak and make eating challenging. On the other hand, bridges can put stress on the teeth around them, as well as on your jaw bone. This is because the bridges depend on them to support it, whereas dental implants are secured by your tooth's root.

When you lose a tooth and want to get a dental implant, so you don't suffer from these problems, give our office a call and set up an appointment so we can help you.

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