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Why Does the Nearest Tooth Require Trimming When You Get a Bridge?

Posted on 7/15/2019 by Dr. Castellon
Why Does the Nearest Tooth Require Trimming When You Get a Bridge?Dental bridges are needed for a number of reasons. These bridges work to restore any sort of normal function that you have in your mouth. From chewing to speaking, and even smiling. It is important that this and other dental procedures are done through our professional office, as we have the knowledge and tools needed to make your smile a success.

When teeth are missing inside the mouth, this can cause the teeth next to the gap to move in towards the other teeth. This fills in the space that is missing and reduces the amount of bone found in the jaw. It is not something that you want to happen. This is why bridges are what we usually recommend in this situation to fill in the gap and prevent the other tooth from moving.

Trimming the Nearest Tooth

Sometimes, the nearest tooth to the bridge will need to be trimmed or filed down. This is because there is a crown that has to fit over the tooth. This is a way that the crowns will be able to fit over the other teeth to anchor in the tooth that is missing in the middle of those teeth. It provides a way for the piece to sit, and to be glued. This procedure is done in a matter of a few weeks, allowing you to have a quick way to regain any of their missing teeth.

If you are missing a tooth, give our office a call. We can speak with you about the options that you have. Bridges are just one of the many ways you could go when trying to replace that missing tooth. Our dentists can take a look and recommend the best replacement treatment plan based on what they see and your dental history. Call us today to set something up!

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