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Can You Brush Your Dentures While They Are in Your Mouth?

Posted on 8/15/2019 by Dr. Castellon
Can You Brush Your Dentures While They Are in Your Mouth?Today's dentures are designed to appear and function exactly like your natural teeth. In contrast to the dentures used hundreds of years ago, dentures today are fashioned in a high-tech dental laboratory. In many cases, people who wear dentures find that their friends and family never even suspect that their dentures are not their natural teeth.

This striking similarity to your natural teeth may lead you to wonder if it is possible to clean your dentures like you did your natural teeth. You may be tempted to brush your dentures while they are still in your mouth due to the familiarity of the task.

Technically, You Can
If you have wondered about brushing your dentures while they are still in your mouth, technically you could do so. Assuming that your dental adhesive holds up against the pressure and movements of the toothbrush, you can probably brush your dentures exactly like you did with your teeth.

But You Really Shouldn't
Having said that, just because you can do something does not mean you should. By removing your dentures to clean them, you can get a better angle at all the nooks, crannies, and hard to reach areas. Plus, you need to remember to clean the part of the denture that presses against your gum tissue, and that area simply cannot be cleaned while the dentures are still in your mouth.

Having dentures may require a little bit of extra work, but the good news is that if you properly maintain them, they should last you for many years to come. So, at the end of your day, go ahead and remove them for a thorough cleaning. Even if you feel that you can brush them better when they are in, at the very least you should clean them again after you have removed them.

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