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Does a Dental Crown Feel Different in Your Mouth?

Posted on 9/30/2019 by Dr. Castellon
Does a Dental Crown Feel Different in Your Mouth?There are several reasons why we may recommend getting a tooth crown. For each of these reasons (e.g. weak tooth, extremely discolored tooth) there are several types of crowns we can use (e.g. resin, ceramic, stainless steel, porcelain).

Once your crown is in your mouth, you should feel comfortable. However, there are some circumstances when you won't and under these circumstances, you will want to seek our help.

The Crown Feels Loose

A good crown is the exact same length, size, and shape of the tooth beneath it. This underlying tooth provides a firm, solid seat for the crown so it'll feel solid and won't easily come off. Of course, after 15 – 20 years you should expect the cement that's used to hold your crown in place to wash away and will need to have this crown re-cemented.

Your Bite Feels Wrong

When you have a “proper” bite, it'll feel both natural and comfortable. This means there's solid contact being made on both sides of your teeth in the back of your mouth. You'll also have a small amount of light contact with the teeth in the front of your mouth. Having a crown shouldn't affect this so when you're chewing on food your crown should feel like it's always been a part of your mouth. You should be comfortable when you're chewing your food. Of course, initially your crown may feel a bit “different” but this should be a minor feeling that disappears within one week.

You Have Gaps Between Your Teeth

Having gaps between your crown and any adjacent teeth could cause some nuisance problems (e.g. food getting trapped and leading to tooth decay, problems with your gums, bad breath) because there isn't a tight fit that closes contact between your teeth. Of course, there should be enough room for flossing.

If you experience any of these things, make sure you give our office a call immediately. We'll make an appointment for you to come in and have your crown fixed so it doesn't feel “different” in your mouth.

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