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Managing Getting Dentures At a Young Age

Posted on 3/15/2020 by Dr. Castellon
Managing Getting Dentures At a Young AgeApart from our teeth being critical in the digestive process, it is one of the main things that reflect on how attractive someone is. When our teeth are healthy, in place, and thriving, it contributes to giving the face the shape it has and also goes a long way in shaping how we speak and how attractive our smile is.

Teeth are normally very firmly held in place in the case of a normal, healthy individual. However, accidents happen sometimes causing even the youngest of people to get dentures.

Dentures At a Young Age

Just because you lost a couple of teeth earlier in life, it doesn't mean that you don't deserve just as bright a smile as the others. You in fact deserve the best and that's why there are a lot of young people who are wearing dentures. According to the numbers provided by Louisiana State University Health Shreveport, there are about 70% of adults between the age of 35 and 44 who have lost at least one permanent tooth.

Since the younger demographic is more concerned about their appearance, it therefore makes sense that they want something that's not only going to get the job done, but also be as subtle as possible so that it doesn't attract unnecessary attention.

Once a tooth has been removed, dentures cannot be placed immediately; at least not the permanent type. The gum tissue needs to properly heal and be made ready for the new piece being fitted into the mouth. When you get your dentures, there is a degree of discomfort while eating, and speaking. You therefore need to take it slow so that you don't end up doing any damage to the already sensitive areas.

Dentures are quite important. They help people who have lost their teeth to not only look good, but also maintain a certain level of functionality in the mouth since you can now do some chewing and get your speech back on track. For more tips on how to manage dentures while young, call our office.

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