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Dental Bridges Could Ease TMJ Pain

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Dr. Castellon
Dental Bridges Could Ease TMJ PainTMJ pain, also known as temporomandibular joint pain, is pain on the joint of the jaw. It can occur due to many reasons. Among them are, trauma, joint disease, infections, and dental problems. This pain is intense, and may cause difficulty opening the mouth, swallowing, and even headaches. It is a relatively common problem, and you should seek our dentist's opinion when you experience any of these symptoms. The most common problem is teeth alignment. When there is a gap or missing teeth in the gums, the remaining teeth realign in order to fill the space. This alignment, originally different, may lead to the temporomandibular joint pain.

What are Dental Bridges?

These are restorative tools used to literally ™bridge™ the gap between teeth. They function to replace missing teeth, fill in gaps between teeth, and restore the alignment and smile. There are various kinds of dental bridges which may be traditional or modern. All bridges are held in place by the natural teeth or anchor then crowned with false teeth. Dental bridges are just as effective as traditional crowns and are very comfortable. The choice between the two, however, depends on personal preference.

How Dental Bridges Ease TMJ Pain

Dental bridges work to fill in the gaps left behind by missing teeth. They create the impression of a full set of teeth and, in essence, replace the natural teeth. These bridges fill the jaw and stabilize the temporomandibular joint. This relieves the pain that can be caused by misaligned teeth.
This technique has shown considerable success reducing the pain and discomfort of TMJ pain to considerable levels. Dental bridges take shorter times to break in and when they do are considerably safer and more comfortable. Our team of surgeons have done numerous dental bridges and are more than able to help you manage the pain of the TMJ joint, so come for a visit.

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