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Times to Call Us to Get Checked for Properly Fitting Dentures

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Dr. Castellon
Times to Call Us to Get Checked for Properly Fitting DenturesIf you need your dentures relined so they fit better, you can call us anytime. We will make sure we schedule you in at a time that is convenient for both of us. Sometimes dentures don't fit as they should because the material dries out, or because of gum shrinkage.

What Will Cause Dentures to Fit Poorly?

The minute the teeth are extracted, the bone that held the teeth begins to shrink. For some denture wearers the shrinkage may be gradual while, for others, it can be more pronounced. Moreover, the shrinkage continues, even when you wear dentures. This type of shrinkage is called ridge resorption and happens along the alveolar ridge of the jaw. Many times, we ask patients to remove their dentures at night so they won't clench their teeth and cause further shrinkage. While the ridge continues to diminish, the denture does not. As a result, your denture will not fit as it once did. Therefore, your dental care does not end just because you wear dentures. You still need to have your gums checked and have us check for bone loss.

How Do I Prevent Shrinkage of the Gums?

If you can, it helps to get implants and have dentures affixed to the implants. Also, take your dentures out at night, so they do not place pressure on the bone, as this can lead to more shrinkage. You will need to have your denture's fit adjusted from time to time, and we recognize this. So, give us a call when you are having problems with the fit, and we will investigate further. When dentures don't fit, or fit loosely, other health problems can develop, such as poor jaw alignment, sore gums, and blisters. Therefore, see us as soon as you notice a problem with the fit. If you want a more comfortable fit, ask for a soft reline. While we may need to fine-tune your dentures more often, you will experience less stress when you bite. A hard reline may be preferable if you want to ensure the fit for a longer time.

Give us a call today about any issues concerning ridge resorption or realignment. We will do everything we can to get you into see our staff as quickly as possible.

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