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Are There Several Types of Dental Crowns?

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Dr. Castellon
Are There Several Types of Dental Crowns?Dental crowns are protective caps that fit over broken/damaged teeth, or onto a dental implant. They are essential to protecting and providing function. Keep reading to discover the different types of crowns, and how they treat your teeth like royalty.

Types of Crowns

You can never be too careful when it comes to damaged teeth, and that is why there are several different types of crowns to meet your various needs. In addition to broken/damaged teeth, crowns may also be used to: protect teeth from more tooth decay, make cosmetic adjustments, and to cover large fillings or severely discolored teeth.

The most common types of dental crowns are: ceramic, gold and base metal alloys, and fused porcelain-metal, resin, and stainless steel. The metal alloy crowns are very good at protecting against corrosion, and they are the least likely to fracture. Ceramic crowns are not quite as strong and durable as the metal alloys, but they are more aesthetically pleasing since their color can be finely tuned to match the color of your surrounding teeth.

Porcelain-metal crowns are more durable than ceramic, and are less likely to de-bond since they are fused to metal; these can be particularly good for your molars. Resin crowns are not as durable as metal alloy or porcelain, but they are a cheaper option that still provides functionality to your tooth. Stainless steel crowns are typically used for temporary purposes, such as for children's non-permanent teeth or as a quick fix while you wait for your new crowns to be fabricated.

Metal alloy crowns tend to be less abrasive to surrounding teeth, and due to their durability, make them strong competitors to porcelain—especially in regions of the mouth that are not as visible. We hope that this information helped you understand some of your options when it comes to crowning your teeth; please call us if you have additional questions, or would like to schedule an appointment.

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