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Should All Your Teeth Be Pulled Before You Look Into Dentures?

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Dr. Castellon
Should All Your Teeth Be Pulled Before You Look Into Dentures?Most individuals tend to get tired of dealing with dental issues for years and may opt to extract all their teeth, then replace them with dentures. However, while dentures may offer a solution and limit the constant dental visits, replacing your natural teeth with dentures may pose certain limitations in your teeth' functionality. Thus, before removing all your teeth, you should consider your natural teeth' health and anticipated challenges while living with dentures.

The Health of Your Natural Teeth

Dentures cannot offer a perfect substitute for your natural teeth functionality and appearance. Thus, before pulling out all your teeth and replacing them with dentures, you need to check your natural teeth' health and consider extraction only if treatment cannot save the tooth. If most of your teeth have cavities, restorative treatments such as fillings and root canal treatment can save your natural tooth. If extraction is an option, consider maintaining your healthy teeth intact as they will offer a boost to the partial dentures you will need on the missing tooth gaps.

The Challenge of Living With Dentures

Where possible, you should limit dentures to cosmetic reasons. This is because replacing all your teeth with dentures will pose new challenges as you try to adjust to using the dentures to eat and speak. The positioning of dentures on top of the gums rather than solid anchorage to the jaws will limit your food options with hard or chewy foods, causing stress, sores, and discomfort. Also, with time, as the jaw bone shrinks due to the missing teeth under the dentures, the dentures will become loose-fitting and painful to use, requiring replacement, making it an expensive option. Thus, whenever possible, consider restoring your natural teeth before extraction or only opt for dentures on the missing teeth rather than the whole mouth. For more information on natural teeth and dentures, contact our office today.

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