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The Best Replacement Options for Your Missing Teeth

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Dr. Castellon
The Best Replacement Options for Your Missing TeethDid you lose multiple teeth during an accident? You are likely to feel their loss in a couple of weeks while chewing and eating or drinking something cold. We might not admit it out loud, but teeth are extremely important for having a good social life. No, we did not forget about your oral health. The exposed gums are more likely to develop bacteria sooner because they are exposed to acidic food content.

For all these problems, there's one simple solution - dental implants. At Dallas Prosthodontics, Dr. Castellon and Dr. Buskin offer people the choice between standard implants, bridges, and dentures so that they can decide for themselves what will suit them best.

Let's take a look at the most common and popular replacement options for your missing teeth:


An implant is the best option for replacing a single missing tooth. However, it is an expensive option and often not covered by insurance. Implants are posts, which are surgically inserted into the lower or upper jaw. Unless you have adequate bone structure, implants are not advised. What makes implants the top choice of most patients is that it's quite similar to the natural tooth and lasts for decades.

Fixed Bridges

Replacing a missing tooth with a fixed bridge is a non-surgical option. The dentist takes an impression of your fixed teeth, measures the space in between, and then creates a bridge, which consists of two things - a pontic (goes into the missing space) and a crown (goes on top of the fixed teeth). While fixed bridges are less expensive than implants, their cleanup can be a little difficult.


Dentures are a row of teeth attached to a plastic surface that fit right over the space where your teeth once were. It's a pretty simple and cheap solution to get a full set of teeth. While dentures are quite affordable, most people avoid them because they are a bit uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing. Some people can't stomach the thought of taking their teeth out at night and cleaning them.

And there you have it - three perfectly good options for replacing your missing teeth. Lucky for you, Dallas Prosthodontics offers these options to every patient. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Castellon and Dr. Buskin, call at (972) 503-7200.

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