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How to Tell if Your Dentures Need a Reline

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Dr. Castellon
How to Tell if Your Dentures Need a RelineDentures are a replacement for teeth loss that enables you to eat and speak normally. When new, dentures usually have a comfortable and good fit. Over time, your once comfortable dentures may fit loosely and cause discomfort. When this happens, you will need a denture reline to continue enjoying your comfort. During denture relining, we will add material to your dentures to make them fit easier. However, before you visit us for denture relining, it is essential to understand why you may need denture relining and how to tell your dentures need relining.

Reasons for a Denture Reline

A denture reline is normal, and almost every denture wearer will need it at some point. We may recommend a hard or soft reline, depending on the status of your dentures. If you have full dentures, you need a hard reline at least every two years to ensure your dentures fit comfortably and last longer. On the other hand, we will recommend a soft reline if you have tender gums. This is especially true if you are a new denture wearer or have bone resorption, affecting your denture fit. Other reasons why we do a denture fit include changes in the shape of your jawbone and mouth due to age, denture wear and tear, and accidental denture breakages.

How to Tell You Need a Denture Reline

Usually, ill-fitting dentures require a reline. However, this does not exempt the best fitting dentures, as they could fit well but still cause discomfort. To tell that you need a denture reline, you should check for discomforts, mouth sores, and infections. If you are having difficulties chewing, it may be time for your reline. Finally, if two years are over since your last reline, you should schedule one with us. For more details on denture relines, contact our office today.

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