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Signs Your Dentures Will Need Replacing Soon

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Weo Admin
Signs Your Dentures Will Need Replacing SoonAfter getting your dentures, you need to care for them just like natural teeth to ensure they last longer. With proper care, your dentures should serve you up to 10 years. Eventually, they will wear out, and depending on the wear rate, we may opt to repair or replace them. Your dentures will require replacement if there is a change in how they fit, if they are damaged, or if you experience pain and discomfort when wearing them.

Change in Fit

Dentures should sit well in your mouth without any movements to ensure you chew and speak without any shifts. Over time, your dentures will fit loosely due to loss of your gum tissues and jawbone density and wear of other teeth. When this happens, your dentures will move around your mouth, and you may also hear clicking sounds when chewing or speaking.

Damaged Dentures

Poor denture care may cause dentures to break, stain or weaken. Therefore, you should inspect your dentures for cracks and chippings and schedule a replacement if damaged. If you are a heavy consumer of tea, red wine, and coffee, your dentures may get permanent stains even with proper cleaning and may require replacement. Finally, you should inspect your denture base to ensure no warping, as this will affect their fit. If your denture is warped or bent, then replacement is ideal.

Pain and Discomfort

Immediately you get your dentures, you will experience discomfort before getting used to them, but this should fade after some time. Pain in later years will indicate a problem with the denture fit and quality. For instance, warped and broken dentures will fit poorly and irritate your gums and other soft tissues, causing scratching and bleeding. This may cause canker sores. If bacteria and food debris find their way into these sores, they will cause infection. For this reason, if you have damaged or poorly fitting dentures, you should schedule a checkup with us. For more details on denture replacement, contact our office today.

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