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Is a Dental Bridge the Right Solution When You Have One Missing Tooth?

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Dr. Castellon
Is a Dental Bridge the Right Solution When You Have One Missing Tooth?When you have a missing tooth, your smile will be affected. With the top and bottom teeth designed to function together, missing a tooth will increase stress on the jaw and surrounding teeth. To help relieve this pressure, you can use a dental bridge. Dental bridges are appliances designed to bridge the gap left by the missing tooth. Therefore, when you have one missing tooth, dental bridges are the right solution. To understand how dental bridges work, you should know the different types used.

Different Types of Dental Bridges

When you have one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge will help close down the gap created. Dental bridges are mainly composed of pontics and dental crowns that anchor them in place. This ensures stability and effective functioning. The most common type of dental bridge is the traditional one. This type is used when you have natural teeth located on both sides of the gap. To install it, the enamel is removed from the two teeth. Thereafter, the dental bridge is placed on them and seal with a pontic to remove the gap.

The cantilever dental bridge is another type of dental bridge. Although it is almost similar to the traditional dental bridge, it is mostly used when there is only one natural tooth on either side of the gap. This dental bridge is placed on natural teeth and sealed with pontic to close down the gap. You can also opt for the Maryland dental bridge that uses a more conservative approach. When using this dental bridge, the pontics are secured to your gum line using porcelain or a metal framework.

Therefore, if you have only one missing tooth, you should opt for dental bridges. These appliances help close down the gap and improve your dental structure. Contact our offices for more information on dental bridges and how they work.

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