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Three Dental Prosthetic Types

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Dr. Castellon
Three Dental Prosthetic TypesSuppose you have severely damaged, or decayed teeth or are missing any teeth due to a necessary tooth extraction or accident. In that case, you should consider getting restorative treatment with dental implants. Made from titanium screws and implanted in your jawbone, these artificial tooth roots are called dental implants. They are powerful and can support a dental prosthesis once they are fused with the surrounding bone. Dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures are the three main dental prosthesis commonly supported by dental implants.

The Three Types of Dental Prosthesis

Made to match the shape and color of a natural tooth is a dental crown. It is a cap and fits over the top of the tooth. If a natural tooth can't support a dental crown because of severe decay or damage, an implant-supported crown can be used instead. In that case, the natural tooth would need to be extracted, and an implant screw must be placed in the jawbone with the abutment protruding out of the gum line. The gums then must be sutured around it, and the site has to heal with a temporary crown placed on the abutment. Once the area has healed, then a permanent dental crown will be created and placed.

A dental bridge consists of two dental crowns with one fake tooth or several fake teeth in between them. They can restore decayed, missing, or damaged adjacent teeth. They are known as an implant-supported bridge when used with dental implants. When the natural teeth can't support a dental prosthesis, an implant-supported bridge is used. They use dental implants for support to hold fake teeth and dental crowns. The placement of a dental bridge is like a dental crown, but two dental implants are placed.

Dentures are more commonly used in cases where many natural teeth are severely affected by decay or damage or missing altogether. Dentures are artificial gums and teeth and can restore an entire upper or lower arch of the teeth. Dentures can be removable, but there are also fixed dentures available. Also known as implant-supported dentures, they use dental implants to stabilize them in the mouth permanently. Four dental implants are implanted into each arch that has fixed dentures.

Dental implants can offer many options when its concerning restorative dental treatment. If you are considering restorative treatment by getting dental implants, these are some options that you can ask your local implant dentist about.

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