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Do You Need an Inlay or an Onlay for Your Teeth?

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Dr. Castellon
Do You Need an Inlay or an Onlay for Your Teeth?Are you in search of a way to keep your teeth in excellent condition while brightening your smile? One of the reliable ways you can improve your smile and at the same protect your teeth is by getting inlays and onlays. Sometimes referred to as partial crowns, these dental appliances result from restorative dentistry that helps patients repair inevitable damage. Onlays are vital in repairing intensive and profound damage to your teeth. On the other hand, inlays are an excellent alternative to various metal fillings. There are multiple reasons a person might need inlays and onlays.

Improving Your Smile

Even though there are various ways of brightening up your teeth, it is sometimes difficult to get rid of the yellowing part. Luckily, onlays are made of highly durable materials like resin and porcelain that can quickly get rid of the damaged or decayed parts of your teeth. Porcelain onlays and resin help make your teeth white and give them a solid improvement. Such things could be more challenging to achieve with several other methods.

Repairs Damaged Teeth

While onlays play an essential role in eliminating severe damage on the cusps of an infected tooth, inlays are special fillings that help address cavities and other dental damages. Both onlays and inlays are cemented to the infected tooth, giving a permanent solution to the affected area. Once cemented, inlays and onlays cannot move, no matter their position. In addition, these appliances create a solid seal that helps prevent further inflammation, damage, and infection. This is because materials used to make inlays and onlays are scratch-resistant and durable. As a result, your teeth will be protected for a long time. Call us today for more information on the importance of inlays and onlays.

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