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Comparing Traditional Restorations and Dental Implants

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Dr. Castellon
Comparing Traditional Restorations and Dental ImplantsWhen you have severely decayed or impacted teeth, you can have trouble having a bright and perfect smile. You need to find an effective solution that will help you restore your smile, and achieve maximum oral health. At our dental practice, our dental specialists will give you effective treatment options that will assist you in achieving optimal oral wellness. Several options exist including traditional restorations and dental implants.

Depending on your condition, our experts will consult with you to be able to find the right treatment for your case. However, many patients who come to our practice do not understand what entails the difference between the two. Our dentists are always educating our patients, for them to make an informed decision on which to have for their condition.

What is the main difference

Both traditional restorations and dental implants have the benefit of improving the appearance of your smile and can help to maintain a healthy bite. However, there are between the two due to how they play functions.

For instance, implants are a stand-alone replacement of the missing tooth, while traditional restorations will require prior preparation of the adjacent teeth. Dental implants also have numerous long-term dental health benefits. You will be able to improve the health of your jawbone, and also safeguard the adjacent teeth. Implants are long-term and can last a lifetime, while for traditional restorations, they can require regular replacement.

Visit our Practice for Personal Care

Whether you require dental implants or traditional restorations, you need qualified professional assistance. At our practice, you will find a dedicated team of professionals focused on restoring your oral health. Contact us through our telephone number, to talk to an expert and schedule an appointment for a checkup.

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