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What Are In-Network Dentists?

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Dr. Castellon
What Are In-Network Dentists?Choosing a dentist isn't always that easy. There are many things you should put into consideration, including dental insurance plans and how they work. You need to know the difference between out-of-network and in-network dentists because they are not the same.

In-network Dentists

Dentists who provide their services in-network are also referred to as participating providers. These dental professionals are contracted within your insurer or insurance company network since they have signed an agreement to offer dental services at some reduced rates. If you choose a participating provider or in-network dental specialist to take care of your dental health problems, you usually pay less at the time of receiving treatment and services.

Selecting in-network dentists may allow you to get 100% coverage from your insurer for receiving preventive care such as regular checkups and cleanings. You may also find that some plans provide 50% coverage for complex restorative treatment like bridges and crowns. Although each plan is different, there are benefits to working with an in-network dentist.

Pros and Cons of In-network Dental Offices

Choosing dentists that are within the network of your insurance company means that you pay less out-of-pocket since fees are mostly pre-established and negotiated with the insurance company. Also, you get more coverage or benefits at the time of getting your services. Additionally, prices for treatments are typically lower when you visit in-network offices.

Despite the benefits, there are also downsides to choosing these offices. For instance, you have limited options for choosing your preferred dentist. Not every dentist within the network list may be able to meet your oral needs. In addition, you may still need to spend out-of-pocket since based on the coverage plan you have, a deductible or copay may be required. Talk to us to learn more about our dental services. Our prosthodontics team is happy to help you regarding your payment options. We will work together to see that you get the treatment you need.

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