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What to Do if You Notice Your Dentures Starting to Slip

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Dr. Castellon
What to Do if You Notice Your Dentures Starting to SlipIf you wear dentures, you are likely to have experienced denture slippage at some point. Given that dentures are not implants, they dent to slip when you smile, laugh, or cough. They could also slip out when eating or talking. Luckily, there are several things you can do when dentures start slipping.

What To Do

When you realize that dentures are slipping out, gently reposition them by biting down on them. With time, you will adjust to them and learn how to hold them in place using your tongue and cheek muscles. Another effective way of keeping removable dentures in place is using denture adhesives. When there are constant denture slippages, it is good to schedule an appointment with us for further examination. This is because the dentures might need adjusting to fit more comfortably.

Effects of Constant Denture Slippage

There are several effects of constant denture slippage. If you do not take action when you notice denture slippage, you risk facing adverse consequences. For instance, constant friction is caused by moving dentures that damage your gum tissues. This results in wounds that could be harmful to your oral health. Furthermore, the injuries are quite painful and could contract infections. In addition, loose dentures have space beneath them that can be a safe haven for harmful bacteria. This results in the multiplication of bacteria that only worsens the condition. If you see any wounds around your gumline, get in touch with us immediately.

You will also not chew food properly if you have loose dentures. This state also increases choking chances when you swallow large food particles. If you have a problem chewing food, we advise you to cut it down into smaller pieces for easy chewing. Schedule a consultative appointment with us for more information on denture slippages.

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