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When to See a Prosthodontist

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Dr. Castellon
When to See a ProsthodontistA prosthodontist is a dentist specializing in complex dental procedures and facial problems. This may include restoring and replacing missing and injured teeth using special devices. These specialists perform more complex dental procedures that other dentists cannot perform. Here are special conditions that may necessitate you to visit a prosthodontist:

Traumatic Injury Repairs

People of all ages can be affected by traumatic dental injuries. However, it mostly affects children and teenagers. However, any mild dental injury necessitates examination by a prosthodontist. If you have experienced a traumatic dental injury, it is important to visit a prosthodontist to determine the required treatment.

Denture Implant Fit and Placement

Normally, prosthodontists participate in the placement of missing teeth using prosthetics. Also, they can perform extensive and complex treatments after an unfortunate accident. Thus, patients with such conditions can visit a prosthodontist for appropriate treatment. Similarly, prosthodontists can help in the restoration and health of your smile using the right procedures. Other procedures may include the application of crowns, bridges, and dentures to enhance a healthy and beautiful grin.

Esthetic Reconstructive Dentistry

Prosthodontists often work extensively to develop restorations that blend with the remaining teeth. They make treatments based on mathematical formulas since makeovers can be tremendously complicated, making decisions based on anatomical averages. The most common corrective dental treatments are implants, braces, veneers, and crowns. Such procedures enhance a better speech, natural appearance, and more streamlined biting and chewing.

Oral Cancer Reconstruction

The treatment of oral cancer requires surgery and radiation. An oral cancer patient receives a prosthesis which helps them achieve optimum function through oral rehabilitation. Commonly, dentures can be constructed for these patients after radiation. It would be best to see a prosthodontist who plays a major role in the management of neck and head cancer patients from the first stage of treatment. This will ensure that the condition is managed early before it complicates.

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