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Can You Turn Dentures Into Implants? Find Out!

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Dr. Castellon
Can You Turn Dentures Into Implants? Find Out!Patients seeking tooth replacement therapy will have many questions to ask. They may want to know if they can have their dentures turned into implants. Well, the question as to whether you can get the dentures transformed into implants is quite confusing. First, it is true that you can have dentures supported by implants. They are known as implant-supported dentures. Secondly, it is unlikely that a denture can become an implant because an implant is a screw-lie post anchored to the bone. So, let's get some clarification on this issue.

Can Dentures be Made into Implants

When we talk about dental implants, they are metal screws that a prosthodontist places into the jaw to support and anchor the pontics or artificial teeth or dentures. It is possible that a dentist can insert the implants beneath the dentures you already have to help provide proper stability and support.

What, however, you have to realize is that the dentist is only able to do this if the existing denture restorations are in excellent shape. If they are not in good form, the dentist cannot install implants to support them. as such your existing dentures have to be examined for their condition before deciding on placing implants to support them.

How Implants Help if You Have Dentures

Patients who wear complete or partial dentures get implants to support the restorations. Dental implants help give the support and retention needed for removable implant overdenture. A prosthodontist snaps the overdentures on the implants. The implants prevent the partial or full dentures from moving. They also reduce the need for applying denture adhesives or glue. Besides, you can use implants if you wear fixed dentures. In this case, the dentist bolts the denture to the implants with titanium components.

Find out more about implant-supported dentures and whether the existing dentures you have can be turned into implants. Contact us today!

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