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When You Should Consider a CEREC Crown

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Dr. Castellon
When You Should Consider a CEREC CrownDental crowns are dental appliances used to replace missing teeth. CEREC crowns are a new design of crowns that are more advanced and durable. They are also easier and more comfortable to install. Here are situations that make you consider getting a CEREC crown.

Badly Decayed Teeth

If you have a badly decayed tooth, you should consider getting a CEREC crown. A large dental filling or extensive decay can significantly weaken your tooth structure. Therefore, getting a CEREC crown will help stabilize your tooth and improve its functionality. With decay, urgent care is necessary because it can reach the nerve of your tooth and cause severe damage. In such cases, you will need to undergo a root canal procedure before getting a CEREC crown. This is important because it helps reinforce the minor cracks in your tooth and make it stable. The dental crown will also prevent future infections and possible tooth loss.

Improving Your Smile

Another reason why you should consider getting a CEREC crown is when you have a missing tooth that affects your smile. Having a missing tooth, especially in the front row, can significantly affect your smile. Getting a CEREC crown will go a long way in restoring your smile and improving your appearance. Furthermore, crowns are also excellent options when you have discolored, slanted, or crooked teeth. They cover these flaws and make your smile normal and beautiful. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your smile, a CEREC crown will be a good option.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Having missing teeth can be quite uncomfortable. Not only will your smile be affected but also your ability to chew food properly. To fix such problems, consider getting a CEREC crown. This crown will fit in your mouth perfectly and make eating and speaking much easier. Visit our offices for more information on CEREC crowns.

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