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Dental Implant Restoration

Group of smiling older women with dental implants from Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TXAlthough it is rare to find dental implants failing after receiving a single or multiple tooth replacement, when it happens, that is not the end. At Dallas Prosthodontics, we can repair and restore your failing or damaged single or multiple implants. You can still have them restored and continue using them for your bite function, aesthetics, and dental health.

If you have difficulty with the tooth implants you received, contact our dental office. Our implant specialist will examine the implant to identify the problem and its cause. After the examination, we will let you know whether a restoration procedure is the best way to go about the problem.

Are Dental Implant Problems Common?

It is rare to find dental implants having problems. Even so, things can occasionally go wrong. A loose implant post or crowns that wear down, crack, or fall off necessitate a replacement. You might have an issue like peri-implantitis, a gum infection that attacks the gum tissue surrounding and supporting the dental implants. Whatever issue you have with the implants, it is always prudent to get them inspected and a solution provided.

Why Do Dental Implants Become Loose?

If you find your implants are loose, it might be because the fusing or integration of the bone with the metal did not occur properly. Implants go through an osseointegration process where they fuse with the jawbone. Your jawbone grows around the implants over several months and osseointegrates through a biochemical process. If the bone fails to properly bond with the metal post, then your implant may become loose.

For your implant to remain stable and properly secure, the jawbone density must remain strong. If an infection or gum disease develops, the bone may deteriorate. As such, your implant could loosen and eventually fail. You should always contact our dentist whenever you spot signs signaling the presence of gum disease. These signs may include swollen, red, and bleeding gums.

How Do We Repair Your Dental Implants?

How we repair your dental implants depends on what part of the implant is affected. If the dental crowns are damaged or cracked, we replace them without having to touch the titanium or zirconia post. If your replacement tooth comes out, make sure you bring it to us. We need to inspect it and see if we have to repair the chip or crack without removing the crown. Working on the crowns without interfering with the implant post is the best way to take care of the issue. This is the least invasive option and works quickly to re-establish your bite function.

In the case of a failed implant, then you must undergo an intensive process. The implant is carefully removed, which may necessitate surgery. Based on the condition causing the failure, you could require a bone graft if the bone density has reduced. The procedure will take several months before getting your new implants restored.

If your single tooth replacement or multiple tooth implant goes wrong, you can seek repair and restoration of the prosthetic tooth. Contact Dallas Prosthodontics to have your implant checked and repaired by our specialist. Call us at (972) 503-7200 to book an appointment.

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