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Digital Impression Making with iTero®
Dallas, TX

Diagram of iTero intraoral scanner for digital impression making at Dallas ProsthodonticsIf you have ever had plaster impressions taken of your teeth, you can understand the difference digital impressions can make. Our team at Dallas Prosthodontics can create a digital mold of your teeth that is then sent electronically to a dental lab, no messy molds, nothing will be lost or damaged, your digital impressions will be precise, clear, and reliable.

Traditional dental molds were taken by applying a mouthpiece filled with a gummy liquid. The mouthpiece remains in your mouth for a few minutes to capture the impression of your teeth. Once it hardens, we then mail the mold to a dental lab. This system worked, but it was messy, required more time for drying and sending, and lacked some precision. Digital removes that.

Using an iTero® wand and scanner, we can create a precise 3D model of your mouth. The 3D iTero® wand and scanner are revolutionizing dentistry by implementing the latest in technology. It is an intra-oral camera that works by capturing thousands of images of the inside of your mouth, and then the software assembles the images into an accurate 3D model of your entire mouth, including the teeth, gums and surrounding tissue. We are then able to electronically send these images to the dental lab for the fabrication of the dental prosthetic needed. The result will be faster turnaround time, with a better fitting, more comfortable prosthetic device.

Prosthetic Devices Created From iTero®

We want to do more than restore missing teeth, we want you to forget that you ever lost them. Having a comfortable prosthetic made that fits with precision and works well with the surrounding structures makes this possible. Whether you are having a single dental implant placed, or the creation of veneers, removable overdentures, partial and complete fixed bridges, dentures or the All-on-4® Treatment Concept surgically inserted, we can help you have a device that will feel natural.

How iTero® Works

The iTero® Intraoral scanner includes a wand that is about the size of a toothbrush. We place the wand into the patient's mouth and gently wave it around. While we do this, the scanner captures thousands of frames per second. In the meantime, the software works to create a three-dimensional picture of the patient’s mouth based on these images. The small size of the wand allows us to even scan molars in the back of the mouth which are known for being difficult to reach and capture, even with traditional molds. Additionally, the smallness of the wand helps it be less likely to make patients gag in comparison to other dental tools.

The Intraoral scanner has a screen which displays the digital dental images as they’re captured in real time. The patient can see the image and our team can watch to see that the images being captured are good and well representative of the patient’s mouth. This removes room for error. Once we have determined that the final image is good, it is then saved and can be forwarded on to the dental lab.
Some intraoral scanners require the patient to have a titanium dioxide powder placed on their teeth before scanning, but not the iTero® scanner. The work is done quickly and accurately with very little inconvenience to the patient.

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Digital Impression Making with iTero | Dental Implants in Dallas, TX
If you have ever had plaster impressions taken of your teeth, you can understand the difference digital impressions can make. At Dallas Prosthodontics, we can create a digital mold of your teeth that is sent electronically to a dental lab.
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