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How Dental Dentures are Made

Tooth loss occurs as a result of several different reasons – gum disease, oral trauma, tooth decay, bruxism. No matter how you lose your teeth, getting them replaced is important. Dentures have been a popular option for replacing teeth that have been around for many, many years. Technological developments in dentures have led them to be far more comfortable and natural looking than their counterparts from even just a few decades ago. At Dallas Prosthodontics, dentures are one of your available options for replacing missing teeth.

Complete Dentures
Dallas, TX

Complete Dentures Photos

Photo of mouth before getting complete dentures at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TX
Photo of mouth after getting complete dentures at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TX

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth. They consist of false teeth set into an acrylic resin base. The base rests on, and is supported by, your gums, and is designed to match the color of your gum tissue. Dentures can be made to replace sections of missing teeth (partial dentures, which have metal clasps for added support) or all of the teeth in a single arch (full dentures). They are meant to be removed nightly for cleaning and left out so that your gums can breathe.

Taking Your Impressions

The first step in creating your dentures is taking your impressions. In the past, this was done with a special impression putty. Today, however, your impressions are taken using an intraoral scanner. With a wave of the wand inside your mouth, a 3-dimensional image is generated on our computer monitor.

Creating Your Dentures

It used to be that after your impressions were taken, the molds were then sent off to a lab. There, the teeth would be created, and wax “try-in” was made. The teeth were set into the wax try-in and sent back to the office. You would come back in for a fitting and adjustments would be made. Once all of the adjustments were complete, then the final base would be made, and the teeth would be taken from the try-in and set into the base.

Today, everything is done digitally, from design to fabrication. The 3-dimensional image that is created from the intraoral scanner is used to design your new dentures. This is done with the help of specialized software. The image provides exact 1:1 measurements, which will allow for a more accurate creation, without the need for a try-in.

Once the design of your dentures is complete, the next stage is milling. The information from your digital design is sent to a machine that fabricates your dentures. The base is milled from a single block of acrylic resin, and the teeth are milled separately. The materials used, and the process of milling, minimize the shrinking and distortion that were once a problem with older methods for denture creation. This means that there will be much less need for adjustment if any at all when your final dentures are ready.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures today have many benefits:
•  They restore the functions of your mouth, allowing you to eat and speak normally.
•  They restore your smile and are much more natural in appearance than older dentures.
•  Thanks to technology, dentures are more comfortable than their older counterparts.
•  Dentures fill out sunken facial features, helping you to look years younger.

If you have lost teeth, call Dallas Prosthodontics today at (972) 503-7200and find out if dentures are right for you.

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How Dental Dentures are Made | Dallas Prosthodontics - Dallas, TX
Dentures have been a popular option for replacing teeth that have been around for many, many years. Click the link to learn how they're made.
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