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Ceramic Dental Veneers
Dallas, TX

One of the most important functions your teeth perform is aesthetics, along with chewing and speaking. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. A full, confident smile leaves a positive, lasting impression. When you have imperfections, even minor flaws can make you want to hide your smile. When you do hide by smiling with your lips shut or covering your mouth with your hand, your self-consciousness shows. Minor imperfections can lead to more serious issues, including infections if left untreated. At Dallas Prosthodontics, your teeth and oral health are our main priority. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solutions to your dental issues. For minor imperfections, we offer dental ceramic veneers.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin “shells” that cover the front surface of your visible teeth. They are used to cover minor imperfections and to help prevent more serious issues from occurring, including further damage and infection. Typically, veneers can be made from resin or porcelain, porcelain veneers being the more popular option. The reason behind this is because porcelain can be better matched to the color of your teeth. Porcelain is the stronger of the two materials and able to withstand normal biting forces. Resin, on the other hand, can be damaged quite easily. With proper care, porcelain can last upwards of 20 years or more.

What Can Veneers Fix?

•  Small chips and cracks
•  Natural gaps between your teeth
•  Uneven teeth (either uneven due to wear or naturally occurring)
•  Discolored teeth that cannot be whitened by other whitening techniques (including professional whitening). This type of discoloration usually occurs as a result of medications or trauma

Benefits of Veneers

•  Veneers are a permanent solution
•  Porcelain, in particular, provides a completely natural appearance. Once in place, no one will be able to tell you have them
•  Porcelain veneers are stain resistant
•  Veneers require less of your enamel to be removed as opposed to crowns
•  Veneers offer you a solution to discoloration that no whitening techniques can improve upon
•  You get a boost of confidence

Getting Your Veneers

Veneers take two visits. During the first visit, your tooth is prepared by removing a small amount of the enamel on the front portion of your tooth. We will administer a local anesthetic to help with any discomfort. After the enamel is removed, we take an impression of the area. We will then use a guide to match the color of your teeth to create a restoration that blends seamlessly into your smile. The impression is sent to a lab for fabrication. Depending upon your specific needs, we may or may not provide you with a temporary veneer while you wait.

When your veneer is ready, you return for a second visit to check the fit and appearance. If everything looks good, the veneer is bonded in place, which involves using an acidic gel to rough up the surface of your tooth to help create a stronger bond. The veneer is then cemented in place, leaving you with a complete, beautiful smile.

With veneers, you can smile wide once again. And the best part is, no one will notice them; they will only notice your beautiful, confident smile.

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Ceramic Veneers Photos

Photo of mouth before getting ceramic veneers at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TX
Photo of mouth after getting ceramic veneers at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TX
Photo of mouth before getting ceramic veneers at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TX
Photo of mouth after getting ceramic veneers at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TX

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