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How to Keep Dentures Fitting Snugly

Posted on 8/31/2018 by Dr. Castellon
How to Keep Dentures Fitting SnuglyBelieve it or not, the shape of your mouth changes with time. Especially if you are missing some or all of your teeth.

Today we're going to talk about some of the ways that you can make sure that your dentures are still fitting your gums snugly and look at some of the issues you may be experiencing if they are not.

The Right Fit

The first time you come into our office to get fitted for dentures should not be the last time you come in. When teeth are missing, either partially or completely, the jawbone begins to shrink over time.

It doesn't matter what brand of dentures you choose; missing teeth signals the body that the bone is no longer needed in that place in your body and your body begins to reabsorb the bone.

Don't worry, this process takes decades, you're not going to wake up tomorrow missing your jaw bone. But the smallest bit of shrinking and change can cause the dentures to not fit so well and cause you pain, sores and even infection.

To keep your dentures fitting snugly, come and see us regularly. When we do your oral exam, we will test them to make sure they're not causing you pain and if they need realigned, we can help you with that too.

At home, use a good dental adhesive to keep them snugly in place. Additionally, you can also purchase denture cushions to help keep them in place. If you're concerned that your dentures aren't fitting correctly even after you've tried adhesives and cushions, please give us a call.

Dentures that don't fit correctly can cause sore spots on your gums and even infection. Our friendly staff is here to answer any questions you may be having about your dentures or schedule an appointment for an exam.

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